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Galvanically isolated differential data transmission using capacitive coupling and a modified Manchester algorithm for smart power converters

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Niedermeier, M. T. ; Wenger, Martin M. ; Filimon, R. ; Sedlacek, V. O. ; Lorentz, Vincent ; Fort, C. ; März, M. ; Ferrieux, J.-P. ; Frey, L.:
Galvanically isolated differential data transmission using capacitive coupling and a modified Manchester algorithm for smart power converters.
Event: 2014 IEEE 23rd International Symposium on Industrial Electronics (ISIE) , Jun. 1–4, 2014 , Istanbul, Turkey.
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RELY: Design for RELIABILITY of SoCs for Applications like Transportation, Medical, and Industrial Automation
KAIROS: Keramische Aufbau- und Integrationstechnik für robuste Signal- und Leistungselektronik
MotorBrain: Nanoelectronics for Electric Vehicle Intelligent Failsafe PowerTrain

Project financing: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung
The research leading to these results has taken place based on a framework provided by the Heterogeneous Technology Alliance (HTA) between the partners Fraunhofer IISB in Erlangen, Germany and CEA Leti as well as G2Elab in Grenoble, France. Funding for this research was received from the CATRENE under grant agreement n° CA403 and BMBF under grant agreement n° 01M3091 (“RELY”), the BMBF under grant agreement n° 16N11662 (“KAIROS”) and from the ENIAC JU under grant agreement n° 270693-2 (“MotorBrain”).

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In this paper, a method for encoding and decoding digital data signals using a modified form of the standard Manchester code for the application in galvanically isolated data transmission in smart power electronics is described. The method includes a modified encoder circuit and a matching decoder circuit that is able to rebuild the original clock and data signal without a separate transmission of the clock signal. A capacitive coupling element with a corresponding signal conditioning circuit was placed between the encoder and decoder circuit to achieve a galvanic isolation between the primary side that processes the data signals and the secondary side that is responsible for the processing of power in smart power devices. After a description of basic principles of the transmission of data over a galvanic isolation and the state-of-the-art of Manchester code based data transmission, the encoding and decoding process of the modified Manchester code is elaborated and experimental results are presented.

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Item Type: Conference item (Speech with paper)
Refereed: Yes
Keywords: robust data transmission; harsh environment; Manchester code; signal conditioning; encoding; decoding; capacitive coupling; galvanic isolation; power electronics; battery systems
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