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The Power of Recombinant Spider Silk Proteins

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Wohlrab, Stefanie ; Thamm, Christopher ; Scheibel, Thomas:
The Power of Recombinant Spider Silk Proteins.
In: Asakura, Tetsuo ; Miller, Thomas (Hrsg.): Biotechnology of Silk. - Dordrecht : Springer , 2014 . - pp. 179-201 . - (Biologically-Inspired Systems ; 5 )
ISBN 978-94-007-7118-5

Official URL: Volltext

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Due to their outstanding mechanical properties, their biocompatibility and biodegradability spider silk fibers are of high interest for researchers. Silk fibers mainly comprise proteins, and in the past decades biotechnological methods have been developed to produce spider silk proteins recombinantly in varying hosts, which will be summarized in this review. Further, several processing techniques like
biomimetic spinning, wet-spinning or electro-spinning applied to produce fibers and non-woven meshes will be highlighted. Finally, an overview on recent developments
concerning genetic engineering and chemical modification of recombinant silk proteins will be given, outlining the potential provided by recombinant spider silkchimeric
proteins and spider silk-inspired polymers (combining synthetic polymers and spider silk peptides).

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Keywords: Recombinant spider silk proteins • Fibers • Genetic engineering •
Chemical modification • Biopolymer
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