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Research in Electrochromic Supercapacitor – A Focused Review

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Yun, Tae Gwang ; Chen, Xi ; Cheong, Jun Young:
Research in Electrochromic Supercapacitor – A Focused Review.
In: Batteries & Supercaps. Vol. 6 (2023) Issue 3 . - e202200454.
ISSN 2566-6223

Official URL: Volltext

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Abstract Attributed to its high safety and fast charging capabilities, supercapacitor is one of the most widely active research fields in the energy storage for last several decades. Recently, with the significant advances on the internet-of-things (IoT) technologies as well as growing market demands for wearable electronics, not only the electrochemical performance but also visual aspects of the devices become increasingly important. In this aspect, electrochromic supercapacitor has garnered significant attention in the last decade, which exhibits both color transition and reversible charge/discharge. So far, although some works have been devoted to investigating on the materials and/or components of electrochromic supercapacitor, none of the works have carefully investigated and analyzed the history, research progress, and future directions for electrochromic supercapacitor. In this review, the research progress and advances in the electrochromic supercapacitor are summarized, as well as suggestion for future directions for the electrochromic supercapacitor, which makes an early projection for future research on electrochromic supercapacitor.

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Date Deposited: 22 Jul 2023 21:00
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