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Biomedical Applications of Recombinant Silk-Based Materials


Aigner, Tamara ; DeSimone, Elise ; Scheibel, Thomas:
Biomedical Applications of Recombinant Silk-Based Materials.
In: Advanced Materials. (2018) . - Art.Nr. 1704636.
ISSN 1521-4095
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1002/adma.201704636


Silk is mostly known as a luxurious textile, which originates from silkworms first cultivated in China. A deeper look into the variety of silk reveals that it
can be used for much more, in nature and by humanity. For medical purposes, natural silks were recognized early as a potential biomaterial for surgical threads or wound dressings; however, as biomedical engineering advances, the demand for high-performance, naturally derived biomaterials becomes more pressing and stringent. A common problem of natural materials is their large batch-to-batch variation, the quantity available, their potentially high immunogenicity, and their fast biodegradation. Some of these
common problems also apply to silk; therefore, recombinant approaches for producing silk proteins have been developed. There are several research groups which study and utilize various recombinantly produced silk proteins, and many of these have also investigated their products for biomedical applications. This review gives a critical overview over of the results for applications of recombinant silk proteins in biomedical engineering.

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Keywords: biomaterials; biomedical engineering; drug delivery; recombinant silk; silk processing
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