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Change of Phase Morphologies During Creep of CMSX-4 at 1253K


Glatzel, Uwe ; Peng, Z. ; Linker, Torsten ; Feller-Kniepmeier, Monika:
Change of Phase Morphologies During Creep of CMSX-4 at 1253K.
In: Scripta Materialia. Bd. 34 (1996) Heft 2 . - S. 221-226.
ISSN 1359-6462
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/1359-6462(95)00510-2


Morphology changes of y' precipitates during uniaxial stress of nicke! base superalloy single crystals
containing high volurne fractions of y' phase are well known. For negative misfit material and tensile stress
in [00 I] direction, the initially cuboidal y' particles transform into rafts oriented perpendicular to the Ioad
axis [I]. In [Oll] orientation y' rods, aligned perpendicular to the tensile externalload direction, are
generated [2]. For the [111] Ioad axis no shape changes were observed neither for tensile nor for
compressive stresses [2]. During investigations of creep anisotropy of CMSX-4 and microstructural
evolution connected with creep in different orientations, the changes in matrix plate thickness occurring
during creep at elevated temperatures are ofinterest. In [001] as weil as in [110] orientation, bowing of
dislocation dipoles in matrix channels is a frequently observed process [3 - 5] which is controlled by the
local resolved shear stress and the thickness ofmatrix plates [5].

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