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Study of Influence Effects on an RF-based Three-Way Catalyst Monitoring System

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Reiß, Sebastian ; Wedemann, Marion ; Spörl, Matthias ; Fischerauer, Gerhard ; Moos, Ralf:
Study of Influence Effects on an RF-based Three-Way Catalyst Monitoring System.
Event: The 8th Asian Conference on Chemical Sensors (ACCS 2009) , 11.-14.11.2009 , Daegu, Korea.
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In order to buffer lean-rich oscillations, the washcoat of an automotive three-way catalyst (TWC) contains large amounts of doped Ceria as a so-called oxygen storage component. According to defect chemistry, the washcoat changes its electrical conductivity in dependence of its oxygen loading. This well-known effect can be utilized for oxygen sensing or to monitor a TWC without the need for a lambda probe by using a radio frequency (RF) approach, as shown very recently. In literature, it was demonstrated in lab test benches as well in engine dynamometers that it is in principle suitable to detect the oxygen loading state of a TWC. It might be able to replace the lambda-probe.

During oxygen loading and release phases the transmission coefficient S21, which expresses the losses in the RF system, changes. In agreement with defect chemistry, during constant phases it remains either in the oxygen loaded or after oxygen release in the depleted (reduced) state.
This contribution deals also with cross effects that might affect the results, i.e. the influence of water, CO2, and other components of the exhaust are studied as well as the influence of temperature. It was found out that CO2 and water have a negligible effect on the signal. The temperature dependency of the transmission coefficient is small, but it is different in the oxygen-loaded and oxygen depleted (reduced) state.

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