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Impedance Spectroscopy of Na+ conducting Zeolite ZSM5

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Dubbe, Andreas ; Hagen, Gunter ; Moos, Ralf:
Impedance Spectroscopy of Na+ conducting Zeolite ZSM5.
Event: Solid State Ionics 15 , 17.-22.07.2005 , Baden-Baden, Deutschland.
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Sodium ion exchanged zeolites, such as Na-ZSM-5, combine both mobile Na+ ions and well-defined gas adsorption/permeation capability in the same material, making them interesting as gas sensitive materials . Several authors measured the impedance of zeolites contacted with metal electrodes, and tentatively assigned a low-frequency “tail” as electrode impedance and a high-frequency semicircle as volume impedance. Generally, both electrode and volume (grain and grain-boundary) contributions might consist of multiple or broad features in the impedance spectrum, overlapping each other over extended frequency regions. The aim of the present investigation is to separate and assign the origins of the relaxation processes in the impedance spectra, especially to find any grain boundary contribution. As a novel approach, electrode impedances of Na-ZSM-5 samples are avoided by contacting them with Na+ conductors in the cell Au|(Na,Ba)CO3|Na-ZSM-5|(Na,Ba)CO3|Au. The impedance of the carbonate/Au interface is relatively low, so that the impedance of the zeolite volume can be calculated accurately from the difference of two measurements with different zeolite thickness.

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