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A Novel Method of Fabrication of Mixed LTCC-Solid Ceramic Systems

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Kita, Jaroslaw ; Rettig, Frank ; Moos, Ralf:
A Novel Method of Fabrication of Mixed LTCC-Solid Ceramic Systems.
Event: European Microelectronics and Packaging Conference EMPC 2005 , 12.-15.06.2005 , Brugge, Belgien.
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Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics Technology (LTCC) is an appropriate way to integrate three-dimensional functions in microsystems. The shrinkage of LTCC in x-y direction limits the combination of LTCC with materials or elements that have different shrinkage behavior (or that do not shrink at all during firing). Usually, such elements are added by an additional post-firing process to the LTCC structures. The recently introduced zero-shrinkage LTCC tapes can eliminate the barrier in construction of LTCC microsystems with additional non- LTCC components. This work addresses a method of fabrication zero-shrinkage LTCC tapes with conventional 96% alumina substrates as an example of mixed LTCC solid ceramic systems. In contrast to other methods, one firing step (characteristic for LTCC) was maintained. The technological process steps as well as the influence of parameters like firing temperature or applied dielectric binder and their influence on structure quality are discussed. Results of SEM microstructure analyses of LTCC ceramics and solid components are shown. In order to show the benefits of the new method, LTCC gas sensor transducers with alumina hot-plates are presented.

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