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Stress-reduced NO+ conducting β"-alumina ceramic membranes

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Hürland, Armin ; Plog, Carsten ; Moos, Ralf ; Simon, Ulrich:
Stress-reduced NO+ conducting β"-alumina ceramic membranes.
Event: International Congress on Advanced Materials, their Processes and Applications , 01.-04. Oktober 2001 , München.
(Conference item: Conference , Poster )

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In this study the preparation of dense ceramic nitrosyl (NO+) cation conducting β"-alumina membranes for the preparation of selective NOx sensors is investigated. The exchange of the mobile cation (Na+) in Na-β"-alumina by a larger cation (K+, NO+) leads to an anisotropic expansion of the c-axis. The stress development was calculated using the changed lattice parameters of the two β"-alumina phases (Na+, NO+) leading to ~300 MPa. Stress induced fractures were observed using light and scanning electron microscopy. Stress-reduced dense NO+ ion conducting β-alumina membranes were produced in two different ways. The ions are exchanged only in crystals with preferred orientation forming NO+ ion conducting paths. This is achieved by placing Na-β"-Al2O3 discs with porous gold electrodes in a NO atmosphere and applying a voltage of U>2V. Cathodic oxidation of NO to NO+ occurs. Driven by the voltage difference Na+ is replaced by NO+ in preferred orientated crystals. In a second approach the ion exchange is performed in two steps. At first Na+ is replaced by K+ in a KCl melt at 1200°C to reduce stress formation. Then, the exchange of K+ by NO+ is performed in a NOCl·AlCl3 melt. Sensor measurements confirm, that both routines are suitable to manufacture crack free NO+ ion conducting ceramic β"-Al2O3 membranes.

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