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Strategies and Molecular Design Criteria for 3D Printable Hydrogels

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Jungst, Tomasz ; Smolan, Willi ; Schacht, Kristin ; Scheibel, Thomas ; Groll, Jürgen:
Strategies and Molecular Design Criteria for 3D Printable Hydrogels.
In: Chemical Reviews. Vol. 116 (2016) Issue 3 . - pp. 1496-1539.
ISSN 0009-2665

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Additive manufacturing (AM), also referred to as rapid
prototyping, solid free-form fabrication, or simply threedimensional (3D) printing, comprises a number of technologies that allow the direct generation of objects in a layer-by-layer fashion through computer-aided design (CAD) and/or computer-aided manufacturing (CAM).1 With these processing technologies, objects can be generated without the need for molds, enabling a high degree of freedom in design and allowing the direct production of structures that cannot be fabricated using classical subtractive manufacturing techniques. AM technologies have been primarily used in the engineering and fabrication community2 for decades but have matured into highprecision (e.g., via electron beam melting) or low-cost (e.g., fused deposition modeling, FDM) printers. AM is increasingly relied upon for certain industrial production processes, for example, in the case of laser sintering for titanium hip implants, and is regarded as the next industrial or manufacturing revolution.

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