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Aerosol Deposition of MgB₂ as a novel processing method for superconducting tapes

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Hanft, Dominik ; Stöcker, Thomas ; Glosse, Philipp ; Denneler, Stefan ; Oomen, Marijn ; Kauffmann-Weiss, Sandra ; Günther, Erika ; Weis, Frederik ; Weiss, Matthias ; Häßler, Wolfgang ; Holzapfel, Bernhard ; Moos, Ralf:
Aerosol Deposition of MgB₂ as a novel processing method for superconducting tapes.
Event: 12th Pacific Rim Conference on Ceramic and Glass Technology (PACRIM 12) , 21.-26. Mai 2017 , Waikoloa, Hawaii, USA.
(Conference item: Conference , Poster )

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For more economic energy harvesting from wind power an improvement of the power to weight ratio of the generator is essential. As a starting point this can be achieved by replacing rotor coils of heavy copper by superconducting tape coils. MgB₂ is a material that shows a good superconducting behavior also as polycrystalline film. A relative high working temperature of about 20 K below the critical temperature of 39 K and a low density makes it suitable for large-scale applications. An important feature for further processing to coils is a flexible architecture of such conductors. For the already commercialized powder in tube technique, the good performance of filaments is counteracted by the costly process. The Aerosol Deposition Method (ADM) could be a solution to manufacture cost efficient μm-thick tape superconductors. Although MgB2 is an intermediate phase, it shows brittle ceramic-like mechanical behavior and can be deposited by ADM. We achieved superconducting films of several micron thickness on different substrates, like glass or bendable nickel-base alloys (Hastelloy) with a transition temperature TC0 of 18 K and current density of JC≈ 5 kA/cm2 (at 4 K, 0 T). In this work, we studied the influence of deposition parameters, such as carrier gas type and carrier gas flow as well as the role of powder morphologies and found a correlation to the film morphology of the MgB₂ films.

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Date Deposited: 06 Jun 2017 14:46
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