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Fabrication of Lithium Ion Conductive Solid-Electrolytes by Aerosol Deposition

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Nazarenus, Tobias ; Hanft, Dominik ; Kita, Jaroslaw ; Moos, Ralf:
Fabrication of Lithium Ion Conductive Solid-Electrolytes by Aerosol Deposition.
Event: Third Bunsen Colloquium on Solid-State Batteries , 14.-16.11.2018 , Frankfurt/Main.
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Solid-state batteries are of high interest for the next generation of lithium ion batteries. This new type of battery has the potential to answer the ongoing research questions for higher energy densities as well as increased safety. However, the economical industrial mass production of solid-state cells is a major challenge to realize this technology. The state of art conventional ceramic technology to fabricate cells has two major drawbacks: (1) Usually high temperatures and (2) expensive system components are required. Aerosol Deposition (AD) is an alternative method to produce solid electrolytes in the thickness range of several µm without the disadvantages of the conventional ceramic coating techniques. The unique feature is the possibility to form dense ceramic films directly from the ceramic powder with neither a powder treatment nor solvents. During the process, the material does not undergo a phase transition and the stoichiometry remains the same. Caused by the Room Temperature Impact Consolidation (RTIC) the used powders form strong adhesive bonds to the substrate without a thermal treatment. In this work, the formation of thin solid electrolyte films by aerosol deposition and their suitability as Li-Ion conductor are investigated. Therefore, the films are analysed with optical and electrochemical methods.

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