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Shadow-optical visualization of the gas jet formation in the Aerosol Deposition Method

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Glosse, Philipp ; Denneler, Stefan ; Stier, Oliver ; Hanft, Dominik ; Moos, Ralf:
Shadow-optical visualization of the gas jet formation in the Aerosol Deposition Method.
Event: 2nd Global Forum on Advanced Materials and Technologies for Sustainable Development , 21.-26.7.2019 , Toronto, Canada.
(Conference item: Conference , Speech )

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The aerosol deposition method (ADM) is a low-cost coating technology working at room temperature. An aerosol formed from a powder and a carrier gas is accelerated through a nozzle onto a substrate placed in a vacuum chamber. The collision of the powders particles with the substrate induces particle fracture and a fine-grained dense film forms. Magnesium diboride (MgB2) is a promising superconducting material with high critical temperature of 39 K. Since MgB2 exhibits ceramic-like brittle fracture properties, it is possible to produce films with the ADM from this material on substrate materials like glass and nickel base alloys. Parameters such as the gas volume flow and the vacuum chamber pressure strongly influence the film formation, which for example leads to a change in the film-thickness profile. A shadow optical setup was configured to visualize different density regions of the jet flow formation between the nozzle and the substrate. Shadow images were taken for various coating parameters without particle loading of the carrier gas. Films were also produced with the same sets of parameters, using a particle-loaded carrier gas. A correlation of the shadow images and the as-deposited film-thickness profiles hints to a model of the particle trajectories in front of the substrate.

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