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Zeolites, Versatile Materials for Gas Sensors

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Sahner, Kathy ; Hagen, Gunter ; Schönauer-Kamin, Daniela ; Reiß, Sebastian ; Moos, Ralf:
Zeolites, Versatile Materials for Gas Sensors.
In: Solid State Ionics. Vol. 179 (2008) Issue 40 . - pp. 2416-2423.
ISSN 0167-2738

Official URL: Volltext

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For the past years, the material class of zeolites has received increasing attention within the field of gas sensing. In this context, the versatility of this materials family with respect to pore structure, surface area, and catalytic activity is of particular interest. The present paper reviews gas sensor concepts comprising zeolites. Particular focus is laid on devices where the zeolite itself acts as the sensitive element. The present understanding of the underlying detection mechanisms is briefly discussed for various sensor set-ups. In addition, sensor concepts using zeolites to integrate an auxiliary functionality such as filters or immobilization are presented.

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