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Magnetization in insulating phases of Ti4+ doped SrFeO3-δ

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Srinath, S. ; Mahesh, M. ; Sahner, Kathy ; Post, Michael L. ; Wickles, Monika ; Moos, Ralf ; Srikanth, H.:
Magnetization in insulating phases of Ti4+ doped SrFeO3-δ.
In: Journal of Applied Physics. Vol. 99 (2006) Issue 8 . - No. 08S904.
ISSN 1089-7550

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01SF0201 9.2

Project financing: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung

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SrFeO3−δ belongs to the Ruddlesden-Popper class of systems exhibiting interesting electronic and magnetic properties. Ti4+-doped, oxygen-deficient SrFeO3−δ(SrFexTi1−xO3−δ; x=0.9 and 0.7) samples show canted antiferromagnetic spin ordering, in contrast to the undoped sample (x=1) which is known to exhibit a metallic behavior with a helical spin arrangement.acsusceptibilityχac (f,T) at 10⩽T⩽300K shows a frequency (100Hz⩽f⩽10kHz)-dependent temperature maximum, reminiscent of a spin-glass behavior. Increasing the Ti4+ content reduces the irreversibility, indicating a decrease in the frustration, which results in a diluted helical spin structure. Hysteresis loops can be associated with a gradual reorientation of spins in the field direction, indicating a canted type of spin arrangement.

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