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Concept study with experimental proof for a new type of detector for gas chromatography

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Wagner, Ricarda ; Schönauer-Kamin, Daniela ; Bäther, Wolfgang ; Moos, Ralf:
Concept study with experimental proof for a new type of detector for gas chromatography.
In: Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical. Vol. 346 (2021) . - No. 130490.
ISSN 0925-4005

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Detectors are required to quantitatively detect various substances (analytes) in gas chromatography (GC). The detector signal caused by the substance to be detected after a separation column has to be timely integrated in order to draw conclusions about the analyte concentration. In this study, a concept for a detector is presented, where this integral can be determined directly, without mathematical integration. The detector is based on an impedimetric gas sensor. It is operated in the dosimeter-type mode for direct amount detection, rather than applying a classical concentration sensor and integrating the data mathematically. This concept is presented, discussed, and validated with cancerogenic epichlorohydrin serving as a model substance. Copper-exchanged zeolites have proven to be a well-suited functional material to detect epichlorohydrin with the new dosimeter-type concept. Copper-exchanged zeolite MFI 200 proved to be especially suitable. Further investigations have shown that even short gas pulses can be detected, similar as they would occur downstream of a GC column. Therefore, basically, the potential exists to develop a detector for gas chromatography, whereby the dosimeter-type gas sensor integrates intrinsically the concentration output downstream of a GC column.

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