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Optimizing a Gas Diffusion Electrode for Stable CO2RR to Ethylene

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Jännsch, Yannick ; Hämmerle, Martin ; Simon, Elfriede ; Fleischer, Maximilian ; Moos, Ralf:
Optimizing a Gas Diffusion Electrode for Stable CO2RR to Ethylene.
Event: 32nd Topical Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry , June 19-22, 2022 , Stockholm, Sweden.
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Wertschöpfung durch elektrolytische Reduktion von CO2: Langzeitstabile, Ethen-selektive Prozessführung mit einem hochskalierbaren Verfahren

Project financing: Bayerische Forschungsstiftung

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In the attempt to advance the electrochemical CO2-Reduction (CO2RR), reaching significant current densities in the magnitude of 100 mA/cm2 for a desired product is a key step towards the industrialization of the process. This can be achieved by the use of gas diffusion electrodes (GDEs), as they allow for a gaseous CO2-supply to the reaction site, hence eliminating the limit of CO2-solubility in the electrolyte1. Copper is still one of the most promising catalysts for CO2RR, as it is capable of electrochemically reducing CO2 to carbohydrates and oxygenates with multiple carbon atoms. One of these products is ethylene, which is especially attractive, as it is commercially valuable and there is a high demand for it.

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