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The Powder Aerosol Deposition Method : Possibilities and Actual Limitations

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Kita, Jaroslaw ; Nazarenus, Tobias ; Paulus, Daniel ; Leupold, Nico ; Linz, Mario ; Sozak, Mutlucan ; Hennerici, Lukas ; Moos, Ralf:
The Powder Aerosol Deposition Method : Possibilities and Actual Limitations.
Event: Ceramics in Europe , 10.-14. July 2022 , Cracow, Poland.
(Conference item: Conference , Speech )

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The Powder Aerosol Deposition (PAD) Method is one of the most interesting ceramic deposition technique in the last years. PAD allows to deposit pure ceramic powders without organic additives. Thus, dense ceramic films can be achieved without any high-temperature steps. This property opens new opportunities in combination with completely different materials like ceramics on polymers. The PAD process is rather simple. The ceramic particles that are distributed in carrier gas are driven by pressure difference between the aerosol and the deposition chamber. Thus, they are accelerated up to several hundred m/s, impact on a substrate, and they are fragmented into nanometer-sized pieces, and form a dense ceramic layer. Detailed explanation of the process can be found in literature. This contribution shows possible applications of the PAD method in the areas of gas and temperature sensing, energy harvesting, thermoelectric generators, superconductors, solar cells, and solid-state batteries. Although the PAD method is very promising, some actual limitations of the process exist. These problems and some possible solutions will be discussed.

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